twitter-bootstrap without gem

I know of a gem to use twitter-bootstrap with Rails, but I don’t like such solutions because of dependency. If I use it then twitter-bootstrap upgrade it’s versions, I will have to wait gem to catch up those upgrades. Even github helps us to collaborate really straightforward, but sometimes two steps solutions make problems more complicated.

This is a memorandum to use twitter-bootstrap with Rails WITHOUT any gems. I don’t know it’s a right way but it’s well enough for me.

Download and place files under “vendor”

After creating a new rails project, download twitter-bootstrap, then place files under vendor directory.



Place images under “assets/images”

Image files must be place under directory where browser can access.



Create vendor.js and vendor.css

I don’t know how to edit application.js and application.css to load whole files under vendor directory, so I create files for that.

# cd #{Rails.root}

$ cat app/javascripts/application.js
//= require vendor

$ cat app/stylesheets/application.css
 *= require vendor

$ cat vendor/javascripts/vendor.js
//= require ./twitter-bootstrap/bootstrap.min

$ cat vendor/stylesheets/vendor.css
 *= require_tree ./twitter-bootstrap

Edit file - BAD SOLUTION

Overriding selectors is the only one answer, but I edited twitter-bootstrap.min.css directly to replace image file paths. it’s a very bad solution but I gave up to be a smart.